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What the most relevant newspapers & magazines, tv and radio networks, blogs and specializing websites have been writing about the Festival.

For a young filmmaker, only the David di Donatello Award [i.e. the Italian equivalent of the Academy Awards] is better than this

Il Messaggero, 01/11/2015

Arcipelago has turned into a cinema feast, an intersection of all kinds of experiences: short and feature films, animation and 3D, réportages, investigative documentaries and even videogames.

la Repubblica, 31/10/2015

It has been a precious discovery lab, building in the course of time important synergies, such as relations with film schools and universities, which enabled the festival to keep discovering talents.

il Manifesto, 13/06/2012

It’s the most famous short film festival in Italy, but its films come from all over the world.

La Sicilia, 23/06/2011

Much loved by young people (but not only them), Arcipelago festival is devoted to short films. It is a hotbed of talents that has brought fame, during the years, to dozens of actors and film directors.

Il Messaggero, 03/06/2011

Our most important short film festival, always a launch pad of young Italian cinema.

la Repubblica, 19/06/2010

Arcipelago gathers many Italian film authors, and especially actors who recently reinvigorated our domestic big screen.

L’Unione Sarda, 18/06/2010

“Arcipelago” is above all synonymous with innovation.

Corriere della Sera, 12/06/2009

A precious reference point for those who want to know more about our cinema, going beyond market numbers.

il Manifesto, 11/06/2009

[One of] the most qualified and attended events at national level.

il Messaggero, 11/06/2009

Arcipelago, the best of youth in the short film world.

Leggo, 11/06/2009

The most important Italian event dedicated to new formats, a festival-lab open to experimental cinema but also to great authors.

Left, 10/10/2008

Arcipelago always surprises you with its abundance of materials and quality.

L’Unità, 18/06/2008

Arcipelago, as usual, thinks big and presents shorts films from the whole world, besides unconventional formats and various segments of today’s crowded imagery.

Film Tv, 12/06/2007

A “must go” for fans of alternative film languages and formats.

Rolling Stone, June 2006

Since its origins, Arcipelago was and still is a window on new authors, emerging cinema, technological innovation. In short, a festival focused on experimentation, language contamination, synthetic images, helping us to discover tomorrow’s cinema.

la Repubblica, 15/06/2005

A reference point for all young filmmakers who are approaching cinema with their early short films.

Il Giornale, 19/06/2004

Arcipelago established itself as the most prestigious Italian showcase for future cinema, presenting short films by emerging filmmakers, along with products conceived for tomorrow’s enjoyment, and with digital films made for the Web.

la Repubblica, 02/06/2004

Short films of all kinds and formats for, as always, “sophisticated” tastes, those of an audience with an eye to innovation, oddities and gems. Many of them.

La Stampa, 20/06/2003

In the last years it has been gaining a well-deserved reputation as the main Italian event devoted to new audiovisual formats.

Shortvillage.com, June 2003

The ultimate showcase in Italy for the most innovative languages and trends in contemporary cinema - or even in audiovisual communication at large.

Internet News, July 2002

Italy’s most important festival for new formats.

Ciak, June 2002

A ‘mediatic delirium’ to be definitely attended and devored, a crossing of all modern media and audiovisual formats.

Film Tv, 17/06/2001

…One of the most credited international stops in the worldwide side circuit of short films. […] It’s the result of the extraordinary work of a group of short film experts being magically realized every year.

ANSA, 13/06/2001

[A] ‘not-to-be-missed’ event - and not only for film professionals…

il Manifesto, 05/06/1999

Among the most remarkable [Italian film festivals].

Bref, Fall 1998