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Searching and discovering the best new talents and the most cutting-edge visual languages
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Founded in 1992, [A]RCIPELAGO | International Festival of Short Films and New Images is a project “in progress” with the aim of worldwide search and acknowledgement of the most original drives and of the most innovative visual languages developing inside non-standard audiovisual formats - starting with short films and including those products belonging to the new “digital domain”, to the Web’s borderless immaterial landscapes, to the videogame/interactive storytelling, to the Virtual Reality’s pluri-dimensional universes.

Among the Festival aims, a special attention is paid to the European production, witnessing its quakes and registering its changes, inquiring on the creative and productive diversities, as well as drawing the most updated map of new trends and of independent, marginal and experimental activities.

Many international filmmakers awarded at [A]RCIPELAGO in the last fifteen-something years have then successfully debuted in the worldwide festival circuit with their first feature film. Among them, such film directors as the Netherlanders Daan Bakker and Sam de Jong, Swiss Frédéric Mermoud, Icelandics Rúnar Rúnarsson, Grímur Hákonarson and Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, Brazilian Esmir Filho, French Morgan Simon, and many more. But, of course, the Festival is also well known for having discovered and launched plenty of now-established Italian filmmakers such as Pappi Corsicato, Edoardo Winspeare, Roberta Torre, Paolo Genovese, Luca Miniero, Alessandro Piva, Eugenio Cappuccio, Claudio Giovannesi, Davide Barletti & Lorenzo Conte (formerly known as Fluid Video Crew), Claudio Noce, Michele Rho, Antonio Piazza & Fabio Grassadonia, Michele Alhaique, Ivan Silvestrini, Laura Bispuri, Piero Messina, Michele Vannucci, Karen Di Porto.

During its two-decades-and-a-half long activity, [A]RCIPELAGO was repeatedly acknowledged both by the Media and the film industry professionals as the main and most attendend national event devoted to short films and to the most innovative forms of audiovisual creativity.

[A]RCIPELAGO is organized by the not-for-profit body 3E-medi@ immagine&comunicazione and takes place every year in Rome.