Long time no see (short films, and more)
Tuesday, 1 October 2013

From Dusk Till Dawn. The Long Night of #Short Films Save the date: December 2 to 6, in Rome at Casa del Cinema and Ambra Garbatella, for the 2.1st edition of ARCIPELAGO - International Festival of Short Films and New Images.

The Festival has been anticipated by the great success of the special event From Dusk Till Dawn. The Long Night of #Short Films, on September 21, and before that by the equally successful experience at Bif&st - Bari International Film Festival, which in March promoted and hosted the 2013 national competition ConCorto . ARCIPELAGO, the eldest Italian event dedicated to short film, obstinately moves on towards a ubiquitous and multiple festival format, although the growing financial difficulties affecting Culture in Italy are increasingly challenging its existence.

Several changes, starting from the new fall dates, for a transition edition, with a slimmer program and organization. No call for entries this year: only films directly invited by the Festival are being selected. ConCorto section will give a second competitive chance - now with a jury of professionals - to the Italian shorts which were judged in Bari by an audience jury headed by Italian film director Daniele Vicari.

But, above all, 2013 edition will definitely expand the scenario in which ARCIPELAGO - since the 90s, one of the first Italian film festival dealing with new technologies and Internet - will keep exploring all innovations in the magmatic audiovisual galaxy. There will be space for Web series, with a new international competition - World Wide Series - succeeding to former Corto.Web (ARCIPELAGO's online competition from 2000 to 2009). This section will be a launching pad for the Filmoids.net project, an aggregator of audiovisual Web native experiences ("filmoids"), which will grow parallel to the festival and will "design" its future evolution.

The complete line-up of ARCIPELAGO's 2.1st edition will be unveiled in a press conference to be held later next November.