2017 Regulations

How to submit the films to participate to the pre-selection of the 2.4th edition
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[A]RCIPELAGO | International Festival of Short Films and New Images is a project “in progress” with the aim of worldwide search and acknowledgement of the most original drives and of the most innovative film languages developing inside non-standard audiovisual formats – starting with short films and including works belonging to the new “digital domain”, to the borderless and immaterial webscapes and to the videogame/interactive storytelling.

A special attention is paid to European production, witnessing its quakes and registering its changes, inquiring on the creative and productive diversities, as well as drawing the most updated map of new trends and of independent, marginal and experimental activities.



The Twenty-fourth Edition of [A]RCIPELAGO will take place in Rome from December 4 to 10, 2017.



[A]RCIPELAGO includes the following sections:

1. THE SHORT PLANET – International Short Films and New Images Competition: a selection of short films from all over the world, upon invitation only. All genres are eligible (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and music video). Running time must not exceed 30 minutes, titles included. Films must have been completed after JANUARY 1, 2015.
2. WORLD WIDE SERIES – International Web Series Competition: a selection of Web Series, to be viewed online and/or on multiple platforms. All genres are eligible (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, interactive experiences). No limit is set for running time, but each series must have at least three episodes available (including a possible pilot), and must have been released on the Web after JANUARY 1, 2015. Selected series will be viewed and voted online by the audience on the Festival website www.arcipelagofilmfestival.org.
3. CON/CORTO – National Short Films Competition: a selection of recent Italian short films, not necessarily premières. All genres are eligible (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and music video). Running time must not exceed 30 minutes, titles included. Films must have been completed after JUNE 1, 2016.
4. CHIEDO ASILO (Seeking Asylum) – Video Competition: themed competition only for Italian (or permanently residing in Italy) filmmakers. Eligibility: all genres (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, music video) and all formats, including micro-videos made with apps for smartphone and tablet (Vine, Instagram Video, MixBit, Magisto, etc.). Minimum running time is 6 seconds, maximum is 10 minutes. A specific call for entries is available on Festival website www.arcipelagofilmfestival.org.
5. RETROSPECTIVES AND SPECIAL EVENTS: special screenings, showcases and tributes on specific themes, genres or authors.
As the selection for The Short Planet International Competition will be made exclusively upon direct invitation from the Festival, spontaneous and unsolicited submissions will not be considered, unless they have been previously approved by the Festival Direction.



For each of the competitive sections, the Direction of [A]RCIPELAGO will nominate a qualified Jury, which will award the following official acknowledgements, accompanied by motivations:

The Short Planet: - Best International Short Film
- Special Jury Prize
World Wide Series: - Best Web Series
ConCorto: - Best Italian Short Film
- Special Jury Prize
- SIAE Award for the Best Under 30 Young Talent
Seeking Asylum: - Best Video



The selection will be the sole responsibility of the Direction of [A]RCIPELAGO, which will decide in which sections the selected works are to be included.



1. Filmmakers and/or producers who applies to the Festival must provide a link (valid at least until December 11) in order to download or stream a preview copy of the submitted work (quality and resolution must be suitable for a tv screen). As an alternative, it is also possible to send a DVD or Blu-Ray. In both cases, arrival deadline is November 10. DVD and Blu-ray copies must be sent via courier or personally delivered to the following address:

c/o Mail Boxes Etc.
P.O. Box 274
Via Federico Rosazza 48/50
00153 Rome RM

2. Together with the preview copy, the Festival requires at least three still photos of the work, in .jpg or .tif format, high resolution (300 dpi). In case of selection, the Festival is authorized to publish them at no cost, for catalogue and promotional means, including press. For works not spoken in Italian language, the Festival requires also a dialogue list, possibly Italian or English.
3. An official entry form must be filled in online at www.arcipelagofilmfestival.org. The form must then be printed out, signed, and sent by e-mail to the address *protected e-mail* or by fax to +39-06-83609471 not later than November 10, upon pain of exclusion from the Festival. For all the works directly invited by the Festival, the entry form must be filled within five days after having received by e-mail the official selection confirmation.
4. Filling in the entry form implies the unconditional acceptance of these regulations. The selected films whose availability has already been confirmed by their rights holders cannot be later withdrawn from the Festival for any reason.







SENDING OF ENTRY FORM: within 5 days after the selection confirmation



1. The screening schedule will be the sole decision of the Direction of [A]RCIPELAGO.
2. Whatever is the shooting format of a work, the Festival will screen exclusively in FullHD format, at a resolution of 1920x1080px. A separate communication with more detailed and specific technical information will be sent to filmmakers of selected works.
3. All screening copies in foreign language will be presented in their original version with Italian subtitles provided by the Festival.
4. The Direction of [A]RCIPELAGO will be in charge of the publication of a general catalogue of the selected works and a screening schedule.
5. The rights holders of the selected works must leave a copy for the Festival’s archive, for exclusive purposes of study, cataloguing, and recommendation to other festivals.



1. The participation to [A]RCIPELAGO is free. No entry fee is requested.
2. Any work already excluded from previous editions of the Festival will not be considered.
3. The postal expenses of the pre-selection DVDs (or Blu-ray Disks) are at the applicant’s expense. Any DVDs (or Blu-ray Disks) shipped with Customs costs at the Festival’s charge will be rejected and automatically returned to their senders.
4. The preview DVDs (or Blu-ray Disks) of non-selected works will not be returned.
5. The inbound postal expenses of possible hard disks or USB keys, with files of selected works, are at the sender’s charge. The Festival will take charge of outbound postal expenses.
6. All selected works must be sent – in the requested screening format – through any online file transfer services or ftp, promptly communicating to the Festival the access information for the download. As an alternative, it is possible to send them via express courier or quick mail to the address to be communicated along with the selection notification.
7. If shipped on physical supports such as hard disks or USB keys, the screening copies of the selected works coming from non-European Union countries must be sent via express courier – unless prior agreements have been made – in a package with the sign “No commercial value. For cultural exhibition only”. The Festival will not accept any shipping with Customs costs at receiver’s charge.
8. The Direction of [A]RCIPELAGO can take any decision on issues which are not listed above. In case of any controversy, the place of jurisdiction is the Court of Rome, and only the Italian version of these regulations is legally valid.