2015 Edition, Early Heads-ups

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2015 edition, early heads-ups

2015 Edition, Early Heads-ups

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The 2.3rd edition of [A]RCIPELAGO | International Festival of Short Films and New Images is approaching at the speed of light. The curtain will be raised on November 4th, in Palladium Theatre in Rome, disclosing at last a fantastic assortment of Italian and international short films, newly unearthed works, several Italian and even world premieres, homages and retrospectives, interesting raids into the future of images but also surprising explorations into their recent past. All of this, with free admission.

At the heart of [A]RCIPELAGO 2015, the first complete retrospective dedicated to Italian filmmakers Manetti Bros. (who made their debut twenty years ago with the omnibus film DeGenerazione); Pier Paolo Pasolini viewed from abroad; the not to be missed Italian premiere of the 1955 tv series Around the World with Orson Welles (directed by, and starring, Welles himself); sex education in British cinema through social propaganda from the 30s to the 70s; historical and new Street Art films, from USA and Italy. And, of course, several premieres of feature films, from the extraordinary Visitors by Godfrey Reggio, to the much-awaited Station to Station by Doug Aitken, to the new, extremely dramatic work by Costanza Quatriglio 87 Hours, a “shocking” documentary which will stir up large and passionate discussions because of the civil, ethic and legal aspects of its painful story of human rights violation, and also because of its bold visual language.

Next week the complete program will be published on the festival website and the full line-up of [A]RCIPELAGO 2015 will be presented to the press, on October 30th. Meanwhile, the following are the main highlights and sections of the festival:

The Short Planet - International Short Films and New Images Competition

World Wide Series - International Web Series Competition

ConCorto - National Short Films Competition

Outsiders - The Manetti Bros. and the “de/genres” cinema
Saturday, November 7th, 08:00pm: the Manetti Bros. meet the audience
(featuring Ernesto Assante, Marco Giusti & Giorgio Gosetti)

Verifications - Pasolini Seen from the Moon


Anniversaries - Welles and Fassbinder: the Loneliness of Number Ones
Italian premiere of unearthed works

All You Need Is Love. 40 Years of Sex Education in British Cinema

Video Competition - Love Meetings 2.0

Street (He)Art. Even Walls Tell Stories…

At Close Range
Movie premieres, new projects’ disclosures & meetings

FilmWare 2015
Reality Reboot. When Videogames Meet Reality
Friday, November 6th, 03:30pm

Carte Blanche DAMS Roma Tre - Roma Tre Film Festival 2015

From November 4th to 8th, the hall of Palladium Theatre will host some demo stations, courtesy of VIGAMUS - The Videogame Museum of Rome, with Oculus Rift and a selection of retrogames.

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